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Maintenance Free, Polyurethane Reproduction Faux Wood, Moulded From Oak Originals with a 15 year Warranty

Timeless Design

DecraCell Mock Tudor planks, boards & beams will add a bold and timeless touch to your home.

Created from high-quality mouldings of actual English Oak pieces, each plank has the identical detail, warmth and visual appeal of actual wood and with our Mock Tudor Pegs, it will give an authentic style to your period feature.

This product is available in a range of standard and bespoke colours that can suit not only your taste, but also the existing appearance of your home.

Weather Resistant

All of the products we manufacture are made from pre-finished high density rigid polyurethane, and will resist rot, fading, insects, moisture, mildew, warping, blistering and splintering.

The secret of Polyurethane is its closed cell structure. This makes it very stable, withstanding temperatures of 120°C (248°F) or higher, at the same time keeping moisture from migrating behind coatings. Thus the paint finish remains unaffected by both heat and moisture, making this product “fit and forget”.

In independent tests, our product is proven 50% denser and heavier than any other product on the market resulting in low shrinkage and a better fix.

Cost Effective

Wooden Tudor planks are very high maintenance, and sometimes only last up to 1 year before seeing signs of deterioration where as DecraCell Mock Tudor Planks carry a 15 year warranty.

Just maintaining wooden Tudor on the average house can cost £1,000 plus, and when done 5-7 times over a 15 year period can become very costly.

With our pre-finished Tudor Planks, you can rest assured that they will not only look stunning, but also save you time and money.

True Colours

Our exclusive paint system is not just a paint that sits on the surface. It is a coating, which chemically bonds to the substrate so that it will not flake, blister or peel. The surface paint (two coats)  and polyol core pigment we use also protects and increases the life of polyurethane.

Unique to DecraCell

Our exclusive in-mould paint system does not require any in-mould wax release agent, therefore, the second (post) top coat we apply has a true bond.

We are confident that our paint and pigmented core will continue to perform throughout it’s 15 year guaranteed period and beyond. The adhesion and colour will remain as beautiful as the day they were first coated.

Our paint finish and coloured core is available in any colour you can imagine and will not lose it’s good looks as time goes by, we guarantee it.

Don’t Butt Corners!

Exclusive to DecraCell

We manufacture bespoke two sided 90 degree and 45 degree internal and external corner beams for the perfect effect on the corners of your property.

This finish gives a traditional Tudor beam detail not just two planks butted together with ugly unnatural gaps that require sealing.

Mock Tudor Corner Beam

Curved / Arched planks

We have also developed tooling to mould bespoke curved/bent planks and boards.

Many mock Tudor homes have curved plank detail.

Finding a timber supplier to make these traditional arched planks is becoming increasingly difficult.

Simply supply a paper template and we can accurately mould bespoke curved planks to your radius.

Curved Plank Of Wood

* NEW * We now supply rigid polyurethane RSJ Universal Imitation Beam Covers, Raised Bed / Log Border Garden Edging, LogLap and Shiplap Cladding.

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  • The Plastics Depot,

    Hi Shane, we received the sample today and we cut a replica wood sample the exact same size and your board is 172 grams heavier making your board 62% heavier than theirs. So our customers will be pleased.

    Many thanks Mat
    The Plastics Depot

  • Alison Lee,

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    I am VERY pleased with the overall effect of the Decracell planks on the exterior of my home... read more...

  • Dr Jones,

    The finished effect is fantastic, and no-one would know that they are not real wood until they were really close up to them...  read more...

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    A Fantastic product, the comments from passers-by are constant!... read more...

  • Alison Lee - Portsmouth,

    We are extremely pleased with the installation, the house looks great now! … read more...

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    Pristine appearance and the total lack of requirement for maintenance...  read more...